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Incredible new navigation app for your party location

You may have seen recent news from the BBC and the emergency services where they are strongly recommending this new navigation app What3words.

We are finding this new navigation tool is proving very useful in finding locations for the marquee and rural parties. It gives much more accuracy than the UK postcode system by using a three-word description for every 3m square in the world. It is also fully integrated into Google maps, so as long as our driver has a mobile phone signal we can find your party.

Charity Support

Britannia Catering Yeovil is pleased to announce that our chosen charity is the Guild Dogs for the Blind and Partially Sighted, who we will be trying to assist during the coming year. Please also follow our link and support this excellent charity.

Special Offer

We will also introduce special offers, discounts and bargain hire whenever we can to assist our customers. Please note that we will probably have more special offers available than can fit on this page. Therefore the offer page will load different offers each time it loads.